The Miracle of Hylaronic Acid

Have you heard about hyaluronic acid (HA)? It’s often what people have injected into their knees for relief from arthritic pain. As you age, you lose HA in your body, and as a result, the cartilage in your joints lose its cushioning. HA, in gel form can be injected into the knee to temporarily help ease the pain of arthritis.

HA has also started to become available orally. Taken as an oral supplement, HA becomes available to all parts of your body, adding moisture that helps your joints, your eye health and can even stop your gums from receding. Of course, different kinds of oral HA are assimilated into the body to different degrees so it’s important to learn about the clinical trials that the various kinds have undergone.

Evidence has shown that daily intake of HA can promote healthy aging. Check out this great video about the Japanese city of Yuzihara, where HA is a staple of their diet.


Sarajoy Pickholtz

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Professional Hair Color vs Box Color

Today I had a client at the salon who asked me the difference between professional hair color and “box hair color” that you do yourself, at home. I explained that professional hair colorists are able to add undertones to make the look more natural. I told her that there’s also a big difference in the quality — professional hair color has many more color molecules to stop fading and it has more conditioning agents. Box color has very generic components. I’m happy that she decided to let me color her hair — it came out beautifully rich and very shiny.

Terry Carlson
Roberta Williams Salon

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‘Tis the Season for Credit Card Theft

Credit card fraud takes place every day in a variety of ways and especially at this time of year. You can’t always prevent it from happening, but you can create some obstacles and make it tougher for someone to get hold of your cards and card numbers. Treating your credit cards and account numbers like cash — that is, very carefully — is one way to head off potential misuse.

How Does Credit Card Fraud Happen?
What Can You Do?
Report Losses and Fraud.

Learn more here.

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